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Well-Behaved Children

I will be using the term, “well-behaved child” as well as talking about desirable behavior for our children a lot on HPHC. I would like to provide a loose definition of “well-behaved” so we can be on the same page.

A few things about behavior:

1- Each child has a different temperament.  Some parents just get lucky and have children with a calm and compliant disposition so discipline isn’t as tough.  Other parents have to remind themselves that the impossible stubborn streak their child was born with will one day be a great asset to them.  It just makes discipline trickier. Not impossible, just trickier.

Parents spending quality time with their baby.A happy couple holding their beautiful baby and smiling.They are enjoying together and having a great time.

2- A certain amount of defiance and unwillingness to cooperate is healthy and normal.  Testing is a necessary piece of development for all children.  I say that to explain that one shouldn’t read “well-behaved” and think there is such a thing as a perfectly compliant child 100% of the time.

3- For all intents and purposes, when I use well-behaved here, I do not want to set an expectation that ANY family can expect a perfect little angle as a result of living the HPHC Lifestyle. However, you CAN expect to see a drastic improvement in your child’s overall behavior. You can count on less frequent tantrums. You can look forward to tantrums that don’t last as long or get as intense. But in no way do I use the term well-behaved to imply that tantrums and pushing buttons isn’t acceptable. It is perfectly normal and to be expected at every stage of development.

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Who Am I?

My name is Kylee Sallak, and I am the founder of New York Sleep Coach, and the creator of the Happy Parents, Happy Child method of sleep training. The HPHC method of sleep training is more than a method of implementing healthy sleep habits for your baby, it is also a parenting lifestyle choice.

The basic philosophy behind HPHC is that happy parents raise happier children. I see every day how parents have taken an unhealthy turn away from self-pleasure in the name of being the "best possible parent". There is this confusion, this incorrect idea, that you cannot be a good parent if you are concerned about your happiness, your sleep, and your mental/physical health needs.

Being well-rested as adults and as babies has huge implications on our physical, mental and emotional development and well-being. Creating what will be a long-term positive outcome is achieved in a matter of days of working with me as your sleep coach. Big rewards, tiny changes.

HPHC Lifestyle is driven by my passion for helping parents navigate the first 5 years of life, and as such, you will find that I am offering up my sleep coach technique based on 16 years of positive experience with this age group.

Sleeping through the night and positive discipline are topics I am passionate about teaching to new parents.

The enormously positive results I see in families who sleep train with me, inspire me every day to reach new families and make more happy homes.

I don’t claim to have the only way to sleep train. However, if you are like other parents who have felt frustrated and unsuccessful using ineffective methods like The Sleep Lady  or Good Night Sleep Coaching, I recommend trying the HPHC sleep coaching approach for effective, lasting results.

It would be an honor to work with your family. Are you ready to receive the gift of healthy sleep? Let's get started!

What's Next?

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